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The Texas Women's Health Caucus is an official caucus of the Texas House of Representatives.

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Our Mission

The Texas Women's Health Caucus (WHC) is a bipartisan caucus that seeks to promote women's health care and access and to educate legislators on women's health care issues and the need and cost-saving benefits of these services​.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Every person should have access to basic preventive health care services that improve women's health outcomes; and access to the full range of FDA approved methods of contraception.​

  • State and federal funding should be adequate to ensure that all persons have access to preventive women's health care services.

  • Every person should be allowed to make personal reproductive health care decisions based on medically-accurate information, their own beliefs, and in consultation with their family and medical provider.

  • The basic, minimal health insurance plans should include the full range of preventive health care services for women and prescriptive contraceptive supplies.

  • Every person should have information and access to services related to domestic and sexual violence, and sexual assault survivors should receive the set of services recommended by the World Health Organization, including information about and the provision of emergency contraceptives if they want them.

  • Every person is entitled to a safe environment defined by respect and free from harassment and discrimination. 

  • Every pregnant individual should have early and sustainable access to prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care; care for their newborn; and care that will ensure their long-term health and success.

  • The healthcare delivery system and all women's health care services must ensure equitable outcomes, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, or other demographic factor.

  • Every person should have access to behavioral health services that improve women's health outcomes, including mental health services, particularly during the postpartum period.

  • Every young person should have access to a medically-accurate, comprehensive sexual education, including information on the full range of FDA approved methods of contraception.

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