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Opposing $3.8 million in women's health cuts

Last week, our caucus wrote to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission opposing their proposal to cut women’s health care services by almost $3.8 million. After learning of their proposal, our members worked to understand what would be the potential impacts of these cuts. To name a few of the concerning things we heard from women’s health providers and stakeholders: unemployed health care workers; closed women’s health clinics; and decreased access to health care services for women, like breast and cervical cancer screenings, HIV screenings, postpartum depression treatment, and contraception.

For nearly a decade, our caucus has worked to strengthen the state’s women’s health programs, and get them to a robust point where Texas women and their families could easily and confidently access women’s health care and family planning services.

Today, we are happy to report that HHSC heard our concerns, and they have taken action to reverse the cuts! You can find more information about the reversal from their updated proposal here. Now, Texas women and their families can rest assured that they can continue to access important services without disruption. Next session, we will be building upon this success by advocating for continued investments into Texas women’s health services.


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