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New Caucus Bylaws

Over the years, our views on what defines “women’s health” has continued to change. New medical advancements, deeper understanding of health issues, and ever-evolving political environments require us to always challenge our understanding of women’s health in order to better secure it.

We recently adopted amendments to our bylaws to formalize the changes to our views, and we are excited to share them with you today!

We have updated the language that we use in the bylaws to recognize that all Texans, regardless of self-identity, gender, or sexuality, can benefit from women’s healthcare. Furthermore, we have added new issue areas to highlight their clear intersections with women’s health. Of note, we are aware that things like maternal leave, child care, and comprehensive sexual education are key to women’s health, so we made sure that our caucus can now officially interact with these policy issues. Lastly, we wanted to ensure that we are uplifting issues that may not have been explicitly captured by our previous bylaws. In particular, we are making it clear that issues like mental and behavioral health, disproportionality and disparities within healthcare, and securing against harassment and discrimination are all women’s health issues.

You can take a look at our new Organizational Purpose and Guiding Principles below to see the changes that we have made. With these new bylaws, we hope to better serve Texans by fully engaging women’s health policy. We’re excited to come into the next legislative session both reorganized and reenergized!

Let us know if you have any thoughts about our new bylaws!


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