87th Legislative Priorities

The Texas Legislature will convene on January 12, 2021. Our caucus has worked tirelessly over the last few months to create legislative priorities that are reflective of the women's health needs of Texans and the Caucus' mission and bylaws.

These are "umbrella" priorities under which many women's health policies and initiatives fit. This will ensure that our Caucus can support all efforts to achieve these priorities.

1. Identify and eliminate systemic and social issues of disproportionality and disparities in health and health care facing vulnerable communities in Texas, particularly Black Texans.


2. Protect and maintain Texans’ ability to access all women’s and reproductive health care services, and Texas medical providers’ abilities to safely and confidently deliver those services, in our state.


3. Expand access to and quality of women’s health care services in “contraceptive deserts” and rural and medically-underserved areas of Texas.


4. Prevent unplanned births through widespread access to the full range of FDA-approved contraceptives, delivered under evidence-based best practices. 


5. Increase access to services related to domestic and sexual violence; improve and ensure widespread educational efforts to prevent domestic and sexual violence.


6. Foster an open environment for new improvements, treatments, and technologies that ensure the best health outcomes through women’s health and other health care services.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Kristen Ylana at We look forward to working with you! 

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